Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity

Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity

An excerpt from Denny Daikeler's new book.

Author Denny Daikeler has pulled the synchronicities out of her life and put them on the page. In her new book, Messages, Daikeler reveals how she was made to realize all the “messages” people were missing out on because they were not attuned to the guidance being directed at them daily. The stories in this book reveal the occurrences in Daikeler’s life and how they became significant to her choices and her Soul connection.

I’ve been a student of Philosophy and Theology really all my life. Just like you I’ve sought the meaning of life, the brilliant wonderings and wanderings of great sages. I’ve read all the masters over and over, and even managed to be ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2001. But simple and mystical encounters with owls and snakes and such were beginning to happen to me, and they challenged my beliefs as well as my acceptance of the written word over the personal experience. These “teachers” (yes, the owls and snakes!) showed up more frequently as I began respecting them and listening to their messages. Sometimes I felt a bit crazy with what was happening to me, and what I was thinking. Or perhaps I felt foolish? Day after day there were nudges instructing me to pay attention to and question everything. I felt very puzzled. Repetitive encounters with an owl finally convinced me that I was being encouraged to wake up! “But to what?” I thought.

I’ve only shared these stories with a few friends, those who would “understand,” if you know what I mean. Each time I shared I got a new insight that moved me to change my beliefs, question my choices, and wonder about reality big time! I’d often thought of recording them, but I just never took the time. What I didn’t know about this particular day was the universe had decided this was the time. Six hours in a plane! A Direct flight! PERFECT! I could literally hear the universe saying,” She’s put it off long enough!

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