Heart Art mandala'verse: Original Art and Poetry for the Heart

Heart Art mandala'verse: Original Art and Poetry for the Heart

An excerpt from SaraSwati Shakti's new book.

SaraSwati Shakti presents her delightful book of sacred sentiments and heartfelt meditations. Heart Art mandala’verse is a book of inspiring words and images to remind readers of their individual and collective hearts.

Immerse yourself in this multilayered visual and poetic tribute to the heart and the spirit with which all people share in a universal experience.

See Deep

Entwined within the seaweed
Upon the ocean floor
Float a few small special heartlings
All ready to explode
Up from within the deepness
Flowing, swaying, swift
Releasing to the surface
Joyful, happy, gift

Clearly Heart

Within the busy structure
A single heart stands clear
Making an appearance
An obvious endearance

Having quite an impact
Among the others stacked
Standing softly, proudly
Alone yet gently, loudly

Heart Rhythm

Music outside playing
Rhythm starts to creep
Into the body’s wisdom
Poetic beats do seep

Within the untapped atoms
Of sleepy weary cells
Bringing lively friction
To waken crevices

Your being starts to sway
And dance a little groove
Gliding, sifting, shifting
Energetically renewed

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