Toolbox: Deep Relief

Toolbox: Deep Relief

Soothe what ails you with these tools for pain management.

Toolbox 0002 Tool Turquoise Ring1

This ring made of Arizona turquoise, known as “the master healer” in gemstone lore, is wearable medicine. ($200)

Toolbox 0007 Tool Juil Shoes

Copper dots in Juil shoes are said to relieve pain by releasing free radicals from your body back to the earth. ($95)

Toolbox 0005 Tool Restore Massage2

The weight of your own body supplies pressure to soothe muscular aches with the Restore Massage Therapy Kit ($19.98)

Toolbox 0010 Tool Cinnamon Tea

Find warming relief with Pure Indulgence Cinnamon Tea. ($15 for 3.5 oz)

Toolbox 0009 Tool Intelliskin

Intelliskin workout clothes are designed to support better posture and reduce injury during exercise. ($105)

Toolbox 0003 Tool Theracane

Use leverage to pressure trigger points with the Thera Cane. ($39.95)

Toolbox 0006 Tool Melt Roller

Enhance body awareness and hydrate your connective tissues with the MELT roller. ($59.99)

Toolbox 0001 Tool Dead Sea Salts

Soaking in Dead Sea salts can soothe painful skin conditions ($8.95 for 2.2 pounds).

Toolbox 0011 Tool Blessed Herbs

The potent botanicals in Joint Relief supplements let you move with ease. ($29.95)

Toolbox 0008 Tool Jin Shin2

Learn the Japanese self-healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu with the Health Is in Your Hands card set. ($25.95)

Toolbox 0004 Tool Spoonk Mat

The Spoonk mat may look like an instrument of torture, but its spiky points provide an endorphin release that keeps you coming back for more. ($59.99)

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