4 Steps to Transform Your Morning

Stretching, meditation, and gratitude make up this simple daily ritual from writer and teacher Geri Larkin.

After some 35 years of daily spiritual practice, if I’ve learned anything at all it’s this: it doesn’t work if you don’t do it. What we seem to need, especially when we’re just beginning, is something simple that we can do anywhere. Here’s my recipe for an easy-peasy morning practice.Choose Your SpaceIdentify a quiet corner in your home. If it is a corner that will let in a slice of sunlight, streetlight, or moonlight, all the better. Be creative—for some, the bathroom might be ideal. In this space, arrange a comfortable kitchen chair and light a small candle.StretchDo a couple of minutes of stretching. I suggest starting out with head-to-toe wiggling, the kind you did when you were a little kid and were too excited about something to stand still. If you can’t wiggle all of you, move the parts of you that you can. Follow this with a couple of “holding up the sky.” Reach as high as you can with both arms, keeping your hands flat as though you are balancing a tray. Hold the stretch for a count of 10, then let your arms and head hang down toward the floor.Finish up with some waist twists, letting your arms …

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Geri Larkin is the founder and former head teacher of Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple, a Zen meditation center in the heart of...

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