Three Therapies for Wine and Water Lovers

HARBIN HOT SPRINGS: By far the greenest, least expensive, and most profound personal water experience happens at the Harbin Hot Springs, tucked into a valley about an hour north of Napa. Harbin is an alternative community, where clothing is optional and nothing feels luxurious but the water. Housing is in dorms, tents, and geodesic domes. Nevertheless, the place is famous as the birthplace of Watsu (water Shiatsu), a magical, maternal experience, where one is gently moved and stroked in a body-temperature pool of water — and emotional releases are common. The latest therapy is an advanced form called Water Dance. Like Watsu, one wears floats around the calves to keep one buoyant and provide a sense of weightlessness. Unlike Watsu, however, one also wears a nose clip for movements done completely underwater. Far from being unnerving, the underwater experience is so peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable that one may not want to surface, even as breath begins to run low. ( After a long, hard day of wine tasting in California’s Napa Valley, there are some fabulous new ways to unwind. The …

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