Come and Celebrate Bubbling Man!

In the heart of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, about 120 miles north of Reno, is a weeklong exploration of radical self-expression called Burning Man (August 31 to September 7). Attracting nearly 50,000 “Burners” worldwide, the annual event is said to be life changing. The downside is the extreme heat, the swirling dust, and the fact that some self-expressions are things you might not want your children to experience. So, on August 15-16 at Ti’lomikh Falls, on the glorious Rogue River in Gold Hill, Oregon — the site of the Takelma Salmon Ceremony — we’re hosting the second annual Bubbling Man. The first spur- of-the-moment event included inner tubes and rafts, dancing and sleeping on the beach. This year’s will likely be much larger and even sillier.