Provide Rolling Water

Provide Rolling Water

The United Nations World Health Organization calculates that one billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. This lack of water and the consequential poor hygiene accounts for 2.2 million deaths per year, 90 percent of those children under the age of five.

The South African company Q-Drum has reinvented the wheel to help solve this problem, literally. In order for many people to obtain clean water, they must walk long distances to a water source and then carry the water, in containers balanced on their heads and shoulders, back to their homes.

The Q-Drum ingeniously eases the burden: the donut-shaped cylinder can easily be pulled by a child and holds up to 13 gallons, which cuts down on the number of trips a family must make to the watering hole as well. The cost is $50 per drum and includes transportation. Contact [email protected] to make a donation.

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