Creating This Kind of Healthcare?

Creating This Kind of Healthcare?

I came to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a week to put the finishing touches on the house we are building here, and a few days later, I was a passenger in a terrible car crash. The driver swerved to avoid a dog, and we slammed into a concrete power pole at about 40 mph. The driver and I both were wearing seat belts, but the air bags in the three-week-old Toyota did not go off, so my back and neck were broken. The medical care here in Thailand is incredible — an ambulance arrived at the scene in about a minute, and I was taken to a nearby government hospital for x-rays and a CAT scan and then was taken to a private hospital by ambulance at 3 a.m. When I got out of the hospital four days later, my entire bill was $1000. I have decided that Thai people are either angels or saints — or maybe both.

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