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Preparing for a Vision Quest

As I sit cross-legged ― or as it is known in yoga, Sukhasana ― I make prayer ties for the vision quest in which I will participate this summer. I will venture into the woods and find a place to be alone, without food or water. I will take my string of yarn with my prayer ties attached to it, all 401 offerings filled with tobacco and sage, to establish the perimeter for my quest. Once I have established my area, I will not leave it for three days and nights. I have obvious concerns about going into the woods. I am concerned about all animals ― winged and four-legged; snakes and spiders and insects of all sorts ― that will visit me. I know they will serve as my teachers, yet I fear for my safety. Concerns about rain and cold weather also taunt me. Will I be uncomfortable? All sorts of questions beginning with “What if …?” have surfaced. I am scared, but I repeat to myself often, “Trust, trust, trust in the universe.”And I look forward to reading the shapes of clouds for answers. I look forward to seeing Grandmother Moon and hope that Grandfather Sun will not burn me. Like my sacrifice of chocolate at …

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