Thanks, Tide!

The Tide commercial hit me. In times of disaster, people turn to the most basic of human needs — and one of those that I had never thought about is clean clothes. The Tide Loads of Hope program provides relief by means of a mobile laundromat. One truck and a fleet of vans house over 32 energy-efficient washers and dryers that are capable of cleaning over 300 loads of laundry every day. The program washes, dries, and folds the clothes of these families for free.

The commercial also reminded me that I sometimes take the littlest luxuries in my life for granted. So, to keep this aha! moment fresh in my heart and mind, I have decided that every time I pour my laundry detergent into the machine to wash a load of clothes, I will be grateful for what I have. I say a prayer and try to be more aware of those who are impoverished. I will try to change my lifestyle as I work for a transformed world.

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