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Cold Turkey

At first, being vegetarian was great, and when I say great at first, I’m really referring to the time between making the conscious decision to forever swear off meat and the 22 hours thereafter that I’d allowed myself to remain among the carnivores. My utopian bliss was short-lived. Maybe we should start at the beginning.When Robert Kenner’s Oscar-nominated documentary, Food, Inc., went mainstream in early 2010, the lives of millions — human and animal alike — were forever changed; mine was no exception. Truth be told, I didn’t want to see this film. I loved meat! But then, the night before Thanksgiving, a DVD copy arrived in the mail with a note that ironically and simply read, “You’ve got to see this, honey.” And as she’d been so many times before, Mom was right. Ninety-four minutes later, without even having a chance to process what I’d just seen, I was a vegetarian.Everything made sense. The wild-eyed mummer of those around me who’d already seen the film multiple times; their ability to recall the film’s facts, scenes, and long dialogues; the bizarre expressions they made while attempting to reenact …

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