Why Do People Change Careers and How Can You Market to Them?

Our Readers Inspire Us. Engage Them to Inspire Your Institutions Success

We are inspired by people who start a new career after having already achieved success. We’ve always thought people with the energy and interest in starting something new later in life are especially creative thinkers. These are people with whom we’d personally want to connect. 

We also think ‘mature’ people building new careers bring something special to the table that first-timers can’t: a sense of purpose—not to mention diverse experience that adds value in any new pursuit. 

We have written before about the leadership status of the highly educated Spirituality & Health audience. These are people who others go to for advice, making them doubly valuable as customers

But what makes people seek a new career? People want new challenges, and they want better work-life balance. 

In a survey by the University of Phoenix, three of the top five reasons for seeking a new career are “soft” reasons: reduced stress, more appreciation, and more flexible work options.  The two highest, reported in 2015, were work-life balance (59%) and a desire for more meaningful work (47%).

According to a research by Indeed, cited by Fortune: “86% of job seekers who are already employed are looking for work outside their current occupations.”

We can help your organization bring in new customers who are ready to change their careers. Spirituality & Health features an Encore Careers special section twice a year in print and online: 1. when people are contemplating plans for the new year (in the November/December issue) and 2. when they are thinking about new school-year change-your-life educational opportunities around the July-August issue.

We know many of our readers are searching for added purpose and meaning in their professional lives. Many are in a transitional phase of life with more time to dedicate toward expansion than they've had in years. We believe offering this community intentional career development (and encore career paths!) is necessary.

We serve as a hub between the S&H community and the education and training institutions best able to meet our community's needs. If you have programs aligned with our values—health, community involvement, growing consciousness, and/or inclusive spirituality and religion—let’s talk about how and why you should become a part of S&H’s Encore Careers section.

We have a Special Advertising Package for the Encore Careers Extravaganza that includes print (November-December issue) and online components for the greatest cost-effectiveness. How can we help your organization bring in new customers who are changing their careers? Contact your sales person to learn more or to receive a proposal that meets your goals.

November/December issue 
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If you are an education or life-change marketer, contact us so we can help you (and your career) with a successful campaign.

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