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The Virtue of Wealth: Creating Life Success the Zenvesting Way

Paul H. Sutherland

Price: $14.95

No, money can't make you happy, but it sure can make you blue. And while Paul Sutherland can't tell you how to create lasting happiness, he can tell you how to create lasting wealth.

The Virtue of Wealth: Creating Life Success the Zenvesting Way is a primer for all ages and economic groups. Rich with graphs, worksheets, resources, beautiful color graphics, and inspirational quotations, this book is a wonderful gift for college graduates, newlyweds, and future retirees.

"It takes courage to create a life in alignment with our unique values and dreams. Yet, as The Virtue of Wealth so richly describes, it is the only way we ever experience true happiness—and true wealth. This is a beautiful book filled with deep insights and inspiration coupled with practical tools and suggestions. It is a fascinating, soulful guide for ending victimhood and taking responsbility for our life and money choices. Read this book and you will see a new path towards greater meaning, service and abundance." — Megan Raphael, author of The Courage Code

ISBN: 978-0-9818708-0-9

About the author: Paul Sutherland has worked in the investment and financial advisory business since 1975. As a senior portfolio manager, he has been managing global total return investment portfolios (under the "investing without borders" style) for more than two decades. He has spoken to professional groups nationally and internationally on topics such as international investing, investment economics, and portfolio management.Paul Sutherland

Beyond his extensive investment experience, Sutherland is the author of other books on financial planning and money management, including Zenvesting: The Art of Abundance & Managing Money, 12 Steps to a Care-Free Retirement and the AMA Guide to Financial Planning. He is a regular columnist for Spirituality & Health magazine. Learn more at paulsutherland.com and fimg.net.



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