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2013 September-October

The researchers concluded that reduced “competition among friends and allies may be biologically embedded” within humans—in other words, that men are hardwired to avoid inappropriate contact with their friends’ mates. But don’t jump to conclusions, warns Abraham Morgentaler, the author...

An acclaimed yoga teacher and leader of kirtan, or call-and-response devotional chanting, Snatam Kaur sings with the intent of uplifting, healing, and transforming her listeners. A longtime social activist, the California-born vocalist often performs in prisons, hospices, and schools in low-...

In recent weeks, I’ve been working on a video with my neighbor and friend John Van Ness. John is a thoughtful man in his 80s who has been a spiritual leader and a psychotherapist. When you look at John’s face, you understand what it means to be in love with life and fully alive. The video is...


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