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2013 November-December

A pilgrimage to the Taos Pueblo for a traditional ceremony gives author Rivvy Neshama a new understanding of Christmas. One year, after family plans fell through, John and I were destined to be home alone for Christmas. We were feeling quite dreary—until we decided to go to Taos, the...

Around the world, people tell stories of Nasrudin, a sometimes bumbling and often clever spiritual teacher of the ancient Middle East who was better at navigating the depths than the surface of life. In one story, an old friend tells Nasrudin that he has decided to go off on an adventure...

These products don’t just cook your food; they give it an extra boost. Concern about the fumes from overheated Teflon pans had some home chefs tossing their skillets. Looking for cookware you can use with confidence? Here are three options that aren’t just safe—they go beyond the call in...

Limber up stiff and aging joints with a gentle routine, says yoga teacher and S&H blogger J. C. Peters. Have you ever seen an image of a gorgeous yoga practitioner twisting herself into a pretzel on some tropical beach and thought, “I’m not young/healthy/flexible enough for yoga”?...


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