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2013 July-August

I feel like I’m on the brink of a spiritual awakening. I’m far from rich, but I’ve decided that I really need to quit my job and go on a pilgrimage to follow this path. Is this crazy? How can I do this without ruining myself financially? Paul Sutherland: If you...

What is apitherapy? Apitherapy is using honey bee products for therapeutic purposes—for example, eating honey and putting it on the body, or using the sting in bee venom therapy. I’m an apitherapist, and I sting people with bees. That sounds painful. We...

My dad is dying and angry and takes his frustration out on me. I don’t want to abandon him, but being with him is painful. How do I handle this? Rabbi Rami: Dr. David Reynolds, founder of the Constructive Living movement, teaches three principles that may be of...

Ruth Denison has spent 91 years learning how to move gracefully through life. A Buddhist elder and one of the first teachers to bring vipassana meditation to the West, she has spent long hours mastering breath and sensory awareness and literally dancing her way through life’s changes....


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