Spirituality & Health Magazine


2011 March-April

I think we are all called to prayer, to talk to our God about what is happening in our lives. When we are worried about life-changing health issues, who better to talk with? If a misunderstanding or quarrel takes place in our lives, we talk to the person involved in the situation. When we talk to...

What limits our desire and capacity to take in new ideas, even when we hold an intention to transform and to grow? What are the barriers to changing our minds and behaviors? How can we develop habits that allow us to explore our own biases? How can we learn to recognize our own intolerance of...

A tattoo is often a symbol of a story that is waiting to be told. So if you meet someone covered in tattoos, the easy way to start a relationship is to ask what the stories are about.

“We are all vibrant beings,” says Mary Bemis, editor of Organic Spa magazine. “And the real beauty behind biodynamic skin care products is that they are the most vibrant, the most alive. Biodynamic and organic products represent the healthiest way to feed your skin. Using them honors your body,...


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