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Wed, November 23 2016

Soul Identity

Snatam Kaur

I have experienced a sense of overwhelm amidst the energy of the approaching Trump presidency. However, I am also very committed to social change and believe deeply that as Americans and as a humanity we can pull through and find our unity and prosperity once again. It will take an incredible amount of courage, inner clarity, and sense of good-will to all, to see the change. If you are like me, standing up for social justice issues and the environment has become a new part time job, and it can feel overwhelming to move forward because there is so much to stand up for. We all are connected however. Although it may not feel like we are all connected just yet, I believe that as a social movement, we have to take some time to clear our internal energy, and this process alone will show us the way to move forward collectively in a powerful way.

I have learned that we can clear our inner energy through mantras and I would like to share some of my experience with you.  

You may not believe you are worth anything, but if you chant a mantra, a sense of love and light awakens within. Chant it every day and eventually you start living from the vibration of love and light. It works like clock work, even for the most foolish among us, of which I am. The key, though, is a consistent practice, every day. Without consistency, this new frequency of your being can never be established. Once your daily practice is established, you have a personal empowerment tool.

During this difficult time, I have been focusing on one particular mantra that is helping me find a conscious way forward.

Sat Siree, Siree Akaal, Siree Akaal, Mahaa Akaal, 

Mahaa Akaal, Satinaam, Akaal Moorat, Waaheguru. 

True and Great One, Great Undying One, Great Undying One, Exalted One, Undying One, Exalted One Undying One, Truth is God’s Name, Undying Form, great is the experience of Guru; that One who brings into wisdom in the experience of darkness (Gu) and light (ru).

Here is the word for word translation:

Sat Siree: True and Great One; Sat: truth; Siree: great

Siree Akaal (said twice): Great Spirit, Undying One; Siree: great; Akaal: undying

Mahaa Akaal (said twice): Exalted One, Undying One; Mahaa: exalted One; Akaal: undying           

Satinaam: Truth is God’s Name; Sat: the vibration of truth; Naam: the Name of God that creates and vibrates through us all; “I am, I am”—the essence of Naam

Akaal Moorat: undying form; Akaal: undying; Moorat: image

Waaheguru: ecstatic (Waah!) is the experience of the Guru, that One who brings into wisdom in the experience of darkness (Gu) and light (ru).

This mantra allows us to relate to ourselves as souls, in the infinite nature of who we are that existed before this lifetime and will exist on unto Infinity. In many eastern traditions, including my spiritual path of Sikhism, the soul is here on this earth to merge with the Infinite or God. It is God's promise to deliver us to this union and the soul is here on this earth to learn the lessons so that this final merger can happen. Until we learn, we have to cycle back onto the earthly plane. Given the unison of God within all beings, one soul's success is a blessing for all, and one soul's challenge poses that challenge for all. In an enlightened state we can hold that challenge, either ours, or someone else’s in a state of compassion and find healing. When we live in our soul realm, all is possible and the challenges placed before us are there to help each of us in our soul lesson. The timing is perfect and the events are customized, just for us.

I feel that the more awareness that we have to this essential soul identity, the more capable we will be as a country and humanity to move forward in a conscious way. It took us awhile as a country to find ourselves in our current polarization involving much deliberate work, day by day. Now, if we wish to live in a different way, it will take that same consistent effort. I pray that we can do it, for ourselves, our children, our humanity, and this beautiful earth we have been gifted. Today, I focus perhaps not on the actions, but the underlying energy that dictates our actions as we clear and heal our hearts for the great work ahead.  

Lately I have been chanting this mantra a lot, and it has really helped me tap back into love and light. I invite you to chant it, and you can find a link to music for it here: (Light of the Naam Album).  

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Snatam Kaur is an American singer, peace activist and author raised in the Sikh and Kundalini Yoga tradition. She grew up in the presence of her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, learning the essence of Naad Yoga, a form of yoga focusing on sacred sound. At the core of this practice is an essential experience of peace and healing which helps her music be accessible to all people. Her book Original Light is a compassionate and supportive guide to creating a daily spiritual practice. To find out more about her book and online course visit snatamkaur.com.



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